In our family we do a big party one year and an outing with a special friend the next. So this year was a “party” year.  My son has been obsessed with Mine Craft thanks to his uncle (Thanks Heath!) and knew without a doubt he wanted a Mine Craft party. So here’s our party:

001 012 004 011 005 007 008 006 028 027 026 014 003 002


Most of the “decor” were toys we already owned or bought for the purpose of the party (and were gifted). The “creeper” wall decor was made from square paper plates (and went to his room after party as wall decor).  We actually rented a bounce house to entertain the kids, as well as, the beads that you iron together.  The kids (and adults lol) spent WAY more time with the crafts than outside bouncing.  Just proves that kids love to be creative!!  (from now on no bounce house for us!!)  Enjoy!