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Meet Angela {Expert Problem-Solver}

Meet Kelsey {Organizational Queen}

Kelsey is a newlywed, full time teacher, part time planner, and ALL the time wedding obsesser!  She started by party planning and coordinating several years ago as a hobby and found that she was the person in the background that got even more pleasure out of watching the whole event come together, even more than actually participating in the fun!

She joined an internship with Pretty Little Planners where she learned so much and grew as a wedding planner! Since her internship, she has been an lead planner for PLP for over two years and experienced numerous weddings.  She loves meeting so many amazing couples and being a part of bringing their big day to life! Even after so many weddings, each one is unique in its own way and special to her.  Kelsey’s favorite part of planning is the design.  She loves to mix different ideas to make each wedding unique and special to that client!  Since she is “organization queen” she also love coordination! Seriously, she’s like Monica (from Friends) with her label maker!!

When she is not planning or teaching, her and her new hubby love meeting new people, trying new places, and going places with our sweet little Shih Tzu, Chuy.  We love to be outdoors and would live on the beach if ever given the chance!  She teaches 5th grade full time in Frisco and uses her strengths in teaching to help brides walk through their process and take it step by step!

Meet Sharonda {Soothesayer}

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