I love scrapbooking!  Before I started the Wedding Design, Coordination, and Rental business my obsession was scrapbooking.  I could {and still can!} disappear for hours in Hobby Lobby or Michaels when there’s a good scrap sale.  I love it because this hobby gives me the chance to stop time and capture some truly wonderful moments. I sit in my office look over the pictures – carefully choosing what memory to feature – and sink into total relaxation.

I’ve kept scrapbooks of my son since he was a baby.  The books are filled with milestones, trips, and loved ones {including my father who passed away a couple of years ago}.  We {Corbin and I} will sit and look through these books when we talk about a place he may not remember visiting or when he wants to see his best-friend – Papa. These books are right in front of him – he can grab one whenever he wants and suddenly the event is new and real again.

I do this with my wedding album.  I’ll be dusting the living room and get to our wedding scrapbook – I’ll put down the duster and look through the wonderful pictures and memories of the day {yes, this is why only half the shelf is dusted mom}.  I definitely encourage taking on this hobby or find a friend {like me!} to help display your memories.  As soon as I find a good way to get pictures of my album pages, I’ll add them to our gallery.  Here are some tips from the craft/hobby guru, Ms. Martha Stewart as well as some of my other favorite sites. Enjoy!

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Martha Stewart – Scrapbook Tips

“A Laugh is a Smile That Bursts”

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