Hello All My Lovelys!  I have not blogged in f o r e v e r (in my best sandlot impersonation).  But I have decided to commit to blogging atleast once a week now so stay tuned for that! And what better start than to start off with a 4th of July celebration post?

I am proud to be an American (try to not say that without Lee Greenwood singing in your head).  But I am proud.  At every sporting event I attend, when its time to sing the national anthem, I tear up and my heart swells with pride.  I look around the stadium and see people from all backgrounds, there together because their love of the game.  For a couple of hours, we’re not that different.  Just rooting on our teams!

This is one of my favorite things about being a wedding planner in America! I get to see love celebrated in so many ways! Different cultures, races, same sex – all celebrating LOVE! I’m so happy to live in a country where I can join in honoring these couples. Couples from all backgrounds – Chinese, Korean, Russian, Ukrainian, Hispanic, Catholic, Greek, Jewish, Baptist, Non-Denominational, and many more!

Photos Credits: Lorena Burns Photography | Double-You Photography | Latter Rain Photography